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Der ZUG SHOW CHOIR ist ein Chor der besonderen Art aus Zug. Mit kraftvollen Stimmen, harmonischen Klängen und ergreifenden Auftritten begeistert Zug Show Choir Menschen jeden Alters. Erkunden Sie die Website und lassen Sie sich inspirieren.

The ZUG SHOW CHOIR is a special kind of choir from Zug. With powerful voices, harmonious sounds and moving performances, Zug Show Choir delights people of all ages. Explore the site and be inspired.

Auditions for
Mean/Kind ... a concert show

Additional auditions for our next production are being held with the following schedule:

  • Tuesday, February 21st, 2023: an audition class/workshop will be held at the Gewürzmühle Zug:

    • Details​ can be found here

    • Descriptions of roles and songs are here

    • Sheet music & audio files are stored here

    • To confirm your attendance  please email the song of choice from Mean/Kind or your own song choice to:

  • Tuesday, February 28th, 2023: deadline for your self tape:

    • You need to upload your self tape here

    • Please add the following information:

      • Your voice type (if you know it) 

      • Some experience/training you have had

      • If you play any additional instruments in some capacity 

      • Dance/movement experience 

      • Other groups you've performed with before/roles you have had. 

      • Wishes for volunteering

      • Scheduling conflicts (see rehearsal schedule)

      • Why you are interested in this project

      • If you have experience reading music

  • Saturday, March 18th, 2023: Live callbacks will take place, time/place tba.

All people who love Musical Theater and want to sing are welcome!

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