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Mean/Kind ... a concert show

In times like these, Musical Theater offers a unique view helping us understand why people behave and choose the way we do.  Is the witch as bad as she seems?  How can a father reject a daughter?  Does a kind action truly make a difference?  From the safety of stage, we try on different emotions and show transformations happen, sometimes in surprising ways for the singers as well as for the audience. It is said that change begins inside each one of us… all we need is faith as large as a mustard seed.  Raising your voices in song helps bring this change, creating possibility, hope and fun for all who join in, as singers and for our audiences. 

Join the Zug Show Choir for our exciting new project. Co-directed by Hanns Zoellner and Kate Michaels, songs and scenes from the musicals Wicked, West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof will be staged along with songs by pop artist Taylor Swift and famed cabaret writer and conductor David Friedman. Scheduled performance dates are  4th & 5th November 2023 at the Chollerhalle in  Zug.


We are looking to expand our choir! Virtual try-outs take place 6th & 7th January 2023 by advance appointment only.  You may use live music, backing track or sing a capella.
Deadline for application is 31st December 2022.

First rehearsal 8th January 2023 18.00-21.00 at the International School of Zug.  Rehearsals throughout the year are the first Sunday of the month and increase toward Tech Week in September/October 2023.  Practice tracks are provided for at-home learning.  Members are expected to know the music at rehearsals as well as practice at home. 

Places in the choir are available for both ensemble and solo singers.  The English Theatre Group of Zug & Zug Show Choir specialise in keeping the spirit of musical theatre alive  with 24 musicals and 13 other shows. Dancing skills are not necessary, however people will be moving and blocked into scenes.  All people, cultures, ages are encouraged to be a part of the Zug Show Choir.  Most material is performed in English. 

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